Completion reporting - information for individuals


  • Where NPS MedicineWise provides or administers education or participation activities for health professionals or health professional students, we may disclose personal information to relevant institutions for the purposes of monitoring the participatíon and use (against course or institution requirements) and to professional associations for the purpose of recording continuing professional development points.
  • In some cases, information on the education or participation activity status of health professionals within a practice is provided to a practice manager of that practice.

What will be reported to my Organisation if I do not opt-out of reporting?

If completion reports are requested by your organisation the following information will be provided to them by NPS MedicineWise.

For every course completed on our website:

  • first name
  • last name
  • employee/student ID (if provided)
  • AHPRA number (if provided)
  • profession/discipline
  • organisation
  • year commenced study/work (if provided)
  • course name
  • completion date
  • completion status

What information is NOT provided to my organisation:

  • any information on incomplete courses
  • any grades or scores from assessments or quizzes
  • any information on failed assessments or quizzes

Other questions about reporting

If I change my organisation in my profile will information about courses I completed while at my old organisation be reported to my new organisation?

Yes. All historical and current course completion information will be reported to the organisation currently saved in your profile regardless of what organisation was saved in your profile at the time of completing the course.

If I change my organisation in my profile will information about courses I completed while at my old organisation still be reported to my old organisation?

No. You will no longer appear in reports to your old organisation if you have changed your organisation in your profile.

Can I change my decision to be excluded from reports?

Yes. You can update your option by editing your profile.

If I have previously requested to be excluded from reporting but change my option to be included in reporting will courses I completed during my exclusion period now appear in reports to my organisation?


Last modified: Tuesday, 20 October 2020, 2:35 PM