The medicinewise practitioner

We have developed these modules to support your continuing professional development as a health professional. They are suitable for a range of health professionals, particularly those with prescribing rights.

Based on Quality Use of Medicines principles, these modules will support you in selecting the most appropriate treatment in consultation with your patient, and assisting your patients in using their medicines safely and wisely. In other words, to help you on your journey as a "medicinewise practitioner".

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Target audience: Nurse practitioners, GP interns and new prescribers in a community setting

Open to: GPs, Pharmacists, Nurses, Students

Cost: Free

CPD points: Self-directed CPD - view details

Getting started

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Select your patient

We have created several different patients so that you can focus your learning on the areas that interest you most. Select the modules you would like to complete by clicking on the patient images below.

Patient Start Description Topics covered
Benji & Bridgit

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Benji is a 3-year-old boy presenting with shortness of breath at the local hospital Emergency Department.

Asthma management - part 1
Asthma management - part 2
Smoking cessation (Bridgit)


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Bill is a 55-year-old man with type 2 diabetes.
**Newly revised and updated in March 2017**

Diabetes management
Diabetes again
Diabetes foot care
Renal impairment

Earn professional development points

Self-directed CPD

It is recommended that 2 CPD hour (per module) be recorded for the purposes of self-directed CPD

Practice incentives for general practice

These activities are recognised for the Quality Prescribing Incentive of the Practice Incentives Program (QPI PIP). The QPI PIP year in which the activity is recognised will be determined by the date of completion.

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