This course has been reviewed and it has been determined that it should be discontinued as the content is not current. Enrolments have closed and you will need to complete the course by 30 June 2024. Your completion certificates will continue to be available.

Research highlights GPs uncertainty regarding the best way to measure, record and interpret blood pressure, whether the average, the lowest or the out-of-clinic blood pressure should be used for interpretation, accuracy and representativeness of individual blood pressure readings.

This interactive, case based online learning module has been designed to help health practitioners, particularly GPs improve accuracy in identifying elevated blood pressure in their patients as well as better interpret the results of both in-clinic and out-of-clinic assessments.

blood pressure monitor

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Target audience: GPs, Pharmacists, Nurses

Open to: GPs, Pharmacists, Nurses, Students

Cost: Free

CPD points: Self-directed CPD -  view details

Getting started

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Learning outcomes

After completing this module you will be able to:

  • identify and address potential confounders to best-practice blood pressure measurement
  • explain the potential uses of out-of-clinic monitoring and identify which patients would benefit from home or ambulatory monitoring
  • explain the importance of assessing absolute risk to inform treatment decisions for patients with normal and elevated blood pressure
  • describe appropriate techniques for patients to confidently monitor their own blood pressure
  • describe treatment strategies for patients at varying levels of risk
  • devise strategies to improve the accuracy of blood pressure measurement and treatment in your practice.

CPD points and practice incentives

Continuing professional development

Self-directed CPD

It is recommended that 1 CPD hour be recorded for the purposes of self-directed pharmacists CPD.

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