This course has been reviewed and it has been determined that it should be discontinued as the content is not current. Enrolments have closed and you will need to complete the course by 30 June 2024. Your completion certificates will continue to be available.

NPS MedicineWise in partnership with Asthma Australia have developed an interactive online learning module for health professionals designed to emphasise the importance of checking patients’ asthma inhaler technique to ensure correct usage. Unique features of this online learning module include communication skills required to start the conversation with patients as well as the methodology to demonstrate correct technique.

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Target audience: Pharmacists, Practice nurses

Open to: GPs, Pharmacists, Nurses, Students

Cost: Free

CPD points: Self-directed CPD - view details

Version 3. Released 6 May 2020

Previous versions

To access previous versions you have enrolled in or completed please see your record of learning.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this learning module you should be able to:

  • suggest appropriate methods to initiate asthma inhaler technique conversations
  • explain the preferred method for skill instruction
  • list the four key steps of the preferred technique for skill demonstration
  • explain correct asthma inhaler device technique according to manufacturer instructions
  • identify commonly observed asthma inhaler errors.

CPD points

Self-directed CPD

It is recommended that 1 CPD hour be recorded for the purposes of self-directed CPD.

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