National standard medication charts course

This training course will guide you through the principles of safe prescribing and demonstrate how to complete the National Standard Medication Charts correctly.

This new course replaces the National Inpatient Medication Chart course. It includes use of both the National Inpatient Medication Charts (NIMC) and PBS Hospital Medication Charts (PBS HMC), has updated content and is compatible for use on tablet devices.

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Hospital medication chart and pen

Target audience: Medical, nursing and pharmacy staff working in a hospital setting. Medical, nursing and pharmacy students looking towards hospital practice.

Open to: All health professionals and students

Cost: Free

CPD: It is recommended that 3 CPD hours be recorded for the purposes of self-directed CPD.

Getting started

2018 enrolments - click start now. Previous enrolments see below.

Previous enrolments

Please note: The content has changed in 2017. Accessing previous years enrolments will give you access to the old content only and should be accessed only for revision purposes.

Use the links below to access one of the previous enrolment years if:

  • you partially completed the course in a previous year and wish to finish it without starting from scratch.
  • you completed the course in a previous year and need to reprint your Certificate of Completion.

Course links

All versions of the course have the same content. The yearly versions are provided simply to facilitate annual completion of the course if required.

CPD points and practice incentives

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