The National Prescribing Curriculum (NPC)

The NPC is a series of online, case-based modules designed to improve prescribing performance and confidence in emerging Australian prescribers. The modules mirror the decision-making process outlined in the WHO Guide to Good Prescribing:

The modules have been written and reviewed by clinical experts and are highly interactive and engaging for your students. They have been completely reviewed and updated, with a new drug formulary, Choosing Wisely recommendations added, and mapping to the Prescribing Competencies Framework.

Key features and benefits of the NPC modules

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How to use the NPC modules

The NPC modules can be used in a number of ways to develop your students’ competence in rational prescribing:

There are no set up requirements. Simply provide students with the link to the website,, along with your instructions. Or see the Getting started guide.

Keep track of your students' progress and completion of the NPC modules via monthly completion reports. For further details, read more about reporting and costs here or call Heather Petrie on 02 8217 8669.

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What students are saying

96% would recommend the NPC modules to their peers

95% found them engaging

90% reported the modules increased their confidence in prescribing

"Ample amounts of information. Good for actual clinical practice"

"Overall, the modules are fantastic; the cases are engaging and realistic, and the prescribing activity is very useful to cement my understanding. Also very useful to go through non-pharmacological management."

"Very useful to force you to learn about how to chart, where to look for drug of choice (eTG, AMH), commonly used drug for common cases, and as a stimulus to refresh knowledge about certain disease (using the provided resource or google)"

"The case studies give a good amount of context and actuality about them. The self-assessment quizzes at the end of the module were great consolidated. The feedback throughout the module was helpful."

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